Equipment Installation

Vortex 6 offers installation services for Wi-Fi and licensed Small Cell Access Points. We are vendor agnostic and help our customers by planning, designing and installing networks to meet your wireless communication needs.

Our installation process starts with a comprehensive RF survey, after which a full report is produced showing the radio environment floor by floor, suggested best locations for access points and calculation of subscribers served per floor. Our skilled engineers will then install the network, including; cabling, access points and installation of switches (if needed) providing wireless coverage for your staff and customers. A post installation coverage report and site acceptance document is also included.

Installation includes the following;

Access Point Installation

  • Installation of all Access Points
  • Installation of PoE Switch and Router
  • Testing of all Access Points
  • Post installation Survey to confirm coverage
  • Post installation Site Survey document
  • Acceptance document

* For building of 5,000sqm or less

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