Business Intelligence

V6 Fusion is a powerful software solution for managing your company’s compliance across multiple partner programs. It is easy to use and delivers comprehensive and detailed reports specifically designed to give you all the information you need to understand and analyse your current certifications, partner status, and capabilities. You can track your vendor partner compliance making it easy to identify where you might be at risk and what actions you need to take.


V6 Fusion has a comprehensive set of reports that give you the key data and analytics you need to take full advantage of your vendor partnership and enhance your decision-making including:

  • Global Executive graphical dashboards displaying multi-vendor synopsis by country and by vendor.
  • Comprehensive Vendor dashboards with highlighted compliance status that drill down into detailed reports.
  • Every aspect of your compliance status in the Partner Programs.
  • Information on actions, deadlines, and costs to maximise your Partner status.
  • A graphical summary using a traffic light system showing you the important areas to focus on
  • Information on actions, deadlines, costs and profit opportunities to maximise the benefits you receive from your vendor partnerships
  • Independent experts monitoring, guiding, advising on:
  1. Partner Program compliance, where you need to pay attention and what actions you should take.
  2. Forthcoming expiry of certifications by time frames set by you.
  3. Help in tracking against plan and budget.
  4. A regular series of comprehensive reports on all relevant data shared at Senior Executive level.
  5. Access to training on all aspects maximising your Partner Program.
  6. Regular checks on issues and opportunities affecting compliance.


  As well as the executive graphical dashboards, V6 Fusion comes with a comprehensive set of standard reports that include:

  • Education and certification planning that will ensure you can plan your training in advance to help you get the best return for your investment in education
  • Data Cleansing to remove the risk of having the wrong data held by the vendors
  • Certification statistics and optimisation to show you how to reduce risk caused by employees leaving the organisation and to give you instant access to data to support sales activity for RFP’s and proposals
  • Upcoming risks and what action you need to take
  • Role sharing optimisation to remove the risk of falling out of compliance when employees leave the company
  • Budgeting so that you can establish the costs of decisions before you put them into action
  • Quick search – find out any information on an employee’s certifications allowing strategic allocation of roles/specialisations across Business Units
  • Partner Program updates – all provided by V6 Fusion keeping you up to date at all times