Partner Sales Program
"Maximising your Performance and Profitability"

Vortex 6 and MPI have worked together for a number of years offering a unique training proposition to our customers that offers both sales skills training alongside technology training.

Using our experience and taking into account feedback we have gathered from running similar programs, we acknowledge and understand that the below points are key for getting buy in from the management teams to invest in training programs like this.

  • Training has to demonstrate real business benefit and tangible return on investment
  • There needs to be clear roadmap of the courses to help build a suitable training program for you
  • Training content has to explain and teach how to sell the solutions rather than the historical course that tend to be largely product driven
  • Content should be engaging and use case studies, real world examples and scenarios
  • Differentiation between the different types of sales roles for the training is critical - inside sales needs to differ to external sales roles - therefore one size doesn't fit all
  • Measuring the true ROI of training is critical for investment

Training programs must utilise different methods of delivery to maximise the impact of training. We use a combination or ILT, VOD’s, WebEx, and E-learning sessions to minimising time away from the office.

The business outcomes from completing this program will include:

  • Enablement of your sales teams to hold Business Conversations not just technology discussions.
  • Increased revenue / margin by through increased project scope.
  • Additional skills to help close opportunities quickly through better positioning of the Cisco propositions with clients and closer engagement.
  • Proven techniques to achieve new contact levels / functions within the client organisation through joint engagement.
  • Incremental pipeline for your account managers.
  • Shorter the sales cycles through increased skills.
  • Ways to drive increased sales of new technology and refined product mix.
  • Driving technology adoption and incremental sales
  • Providing ways ensure you maximise the benefits of incentive program

As each sales role in an organisation has its own unique set of requirements for skills and knowledge level, we have built our program to address not only this but also the various job roles.
Level Course Name Course Duration Course Outline Attendees
Level 1 Foundation Sales 3 days click here Aimed Internal and External Account Managers
Level 2 Architectural Technology Sales and Technology 5 days click here Aimed at External Account Managers and Business Development Managers
Level 2 Relationship and Account Planning 3 days click here Aimed at External Account Managers and Business Development Managers
Level 3 Strategic Sales 3 days click here Aimed at Business Development Managers

On-going Training

The key to any training program being a success we acknowledge that it is key to continually reinforce and refresh the knowledge that have been given to help retain the information and to help ensure they are using this knowledge in their daily work.

Some additional, shorter training sessions could include the below topics:

  • How to sell specific technologies
  • Case studies by Vertical
  • War rooms
  • Technology updates and version revisions
  • The tools available to you – Quote builder etc