Small Cell Foundation e-Learning Courses

Cisco Mobile Backhaul Training for Systems Engineers

This e-Learning course provides a technology baseline of the end-to-end Cisco Mobile Backhaul Solution. This course is intended for Cisco partner personnel in systems engineering roles who work in the Mobile Backhaul space.

Topics will include: an overview of traditional mobile networks (protocols, interfaces, etc.) including the evolution to a Unified RAN, the key requirements for Backhauling Mobile Traffic, Intergrating, Consolidated Transport, Multiservice Access, Availability and Resiliency and Network Design. The course will also provide an end-to-end view for Cisco's Mobile Backhaul Solution.

Cisco Unlicensed Small Cell Training for Systems Engineers

5 Hours e-learning dedicated to Cisco’s USC.

This 5 Hour e-Learning course prepares systems engineers to capitalize on Cisco's Mobile Backhaul (MBH) and Unlicensed Small Cell solution (Service Provider Wi-Fi) market. This market allows mobile operators to differentiate themselves by increasing service delivery and expanding subscriber offerings. It also allows them to offload substantial data traffic thus improving performance and reduce costs.

Cisco Small Cell Technologies Foundation Training

2.5 Hour e-learning course dedicated to Cisco’s USC.

A basic pre-sales course, that gives an overview of the Technology; its benefits, the Value Chain and Market Opportunities. Intended to educate anyone engaged in Small Cell or simply seeking an overview. This is an introductory course for the Selling Small Cell to Enterprise Account Manager workshop.

Cisco 3G UMTS Radio Basics Training

3 Hour e-learning course dedicated to Cisco’s 3G UMTS.

This course discusses the broad scope of UMTS, its characteristics and architecture basics with a primary focus on the details of the UMTS WCDMA air interface, known as UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access (UTRA). This includes an overview of the WCDMA physical layer. In addition, power control and soft handover, are discussed. The UMTS defined radio interface includes a number of channels, which are presented with an explanation of their usage. This course includes a discussion of UMTS PS & CS calls and for services from voice to multimedia and how high data rates and multiple simultaneous services are delivered using UMT.

Cisco 4G LTE Training

3 Hour e-learning course dedicated to Cisco’s 4G LTE.

The course gives A quick and concise overview of LTE networks and the OFDM-based air interface. The LTE network architecture, network interfaces and protocols, air interface and mobility aspects are covered to provide an end-to-end view of the network. A high-level glimpse into the life of an LTE User Equipment (UE) is provided by walking through various stages from power-up all the way to setting up an IP address and exchanging traffic.

NOTE: Individuals must be registered on the Cisco Partner Education Connections (PEC), to access these e-learning courses. Those not familiar with the PEC can register for free here, then login, select the above links or search and launch the selected training module.

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