NTS implemented V6 Fusion to automate Partner Program compliance and optimize their back-end rebates.

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“Since we as NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG started using V6 Fusion, we always have the most recent, cross-border overview of our Cisco certification and rebate status.”

Georg Trizl - Head of Alliances NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG

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The Challenge

NTS wanted to reduce the complexity of managing vendor partner programs, thereby improving their efficiency and productivity. In addition, they wanted greater visibility and control over their VIP rebates and to increase profitability.

Like many partners, NTS were using complicated spreadsheets to manage their employees’ certifications, which was time-consuming to maintain.

Relying on vendor portals to manage rebates proved cumbersome as the functionality provided was limited.  NTS wanted to take a proactive approach to optimize their VIP rebates, address issues as they arose and understand the true profitability of their deals by analyzing the rebates associated with deals.

The Solution

NTS implemented V6 Fusion to automate their Partner Program compliance and optimize their back-end rebates.
They recognized that using V6 Fusion and having the support of the Vortex 6 program experts would help them address their business challenges and achieve improved efficiency and profitability.

The Benefits

Within the first year of using V6 Fusion, NTS were able to achieve the following:

  • Manage their Cisco Partner Program more efficiently, eliminating dependence on complex spreadsheets.
  • Reduce their risk of non-compliance with the Partner Program
  • Increased back-end rebates delivering a significant improvement to their profitability

Some of the key capabilities of V6 Fusion that enabled these outcomes include:

  • Comprehensive Management reports, Role-holder alerts, specialization planning and Cisco program update notifications
  • a detailed view of rebates earned to date, what was at risk and actions required to address, analysis of their deal pipeline with visibility of rebate associated with each deal with the ability to optimize rebate within each BOM

Having access to V6 Fusion has resulted in them spending less time gathering information and more making informed business decisions.

They found access to the expertise of the Vortex 6 team to be of significant value.