Secure Data Technologies used V6 Fusion to revolutionise their Cisco relationship

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Working with Vortex 6 and using their V6 Fusion SaaS solution has revolutionised the management of our Cisco relationship. Without V6 Fusion we would continue to be challenged in maintaining compliance, meeting our Cisco targets, proactively managing our product strategy and most importantly achieving our revenue and profit targets, I can’t recommend V6 Fusion enough to partners managing their Cisco Compliance or Rebates

Dana Steffey, CEO/President, Secure Data Technologies, Inc.

The Challenge

Secure Data Technologies, Inc. (SDTI) needed to increase control over their compliance with the Cisco® Partner Program and Value Incentive Program (VIP). Their main challenges were a lack of visibility of key data in a single place and in a format that enabled them to see clearly their current status and where they needed to take immediate action.

In addition to this, managing compliance with the Partner Program and tracking VIP rebates required substantial human resources, they found this process to be ineffective as they were managing it manually on spreadsheets. With the loss of a single certification, they could fall out of compliance which could result in a significant financial loss. They also struggled to manage the effect of changes to SKU’s between VIP programs and the negative impact this could have on their sales and product strategy. This was further compounded by the increases in minimum booking levels and their lack of visibility of where they were against these targets.

In short, they knew that they were not optimizing the profitability of their Cisco relationship.

The Solution

  • V6 Fusion Compliance
  • V6 Fusion VIP (Value Incentive Program)

The Benefits

Secure Data Technologies gained full visibility of their status against the Cisco Partner Program, thereby removing the risk of losing a certification that could cause them to fall out of compliance that would also affect their rebates. V6 Fusion gives them complete visibility of their status and where corrective actions are required, enabling them to manage all aspects of their compliance with the Cisco Partner Program and VIP rebates.

The Results

Good communication and training were key to making the implementation of Fusion seamless. We were using Fusion within an hour with training taking place over 2 x 1- hour sessions. Vortex 6’s project managers work closely with my team and provide support and guidance to ensure we achieve our business objectives.

Cisco has set higher minimum booking levels required to qualify for rebates. Previously we achieved substantial rebates for Enterprise Networks solutions but we started missing out as the targets increased, however, now we can manage the program to ensure we maintain and grow our income.