We are nearing the end of the latest Cisco VIP period, VIP 35, which runs through to July 25th.

Here are some points on how you can prepare for the end of VIP 35 and how V6 Fusion can help you maximize your VIP rebates.


Have you reached your minimum booking target?

You need to ensure that you have met your Minimum Booking targets by July 25th for each of your subtracks. You can close any shortfalls by making sales of eligible SKU products.

V6 Fusion can help you reach your minimum booking target by:

  • Showing you your position against the targets and which products are eligible within the Rebate summary.
  • Our BOM analyzer indicates the contribution each deal makes to your eligible bookings for each architecture, enabling you to efficiently identify your must-win deals to overcome your minimum bookings shortfall.
  • Giving you a breakdown of your ineligible bookings, including the value and various reasons behind them. Ineligible booking should be investigated and challenged if there are any discrepancies as they could lead to an increase in your rebates.


Will all your booking be shipped within 3 months of the VIP 35 deadline?

Cisco gives you three months after the end of each VIP period to make sure your bookings are shipped. You will not receive rebates for any unshipped bookings after this period.

We suggest you track your shipped bookings closely this VIP period as some of our clients have mentioned that they are experiencing delays due to Covid-19.

V6 Fusion has a list of your unshipped bookings, including their rebate value under the rebates at risk window, which enables you to prioritize which bookings you should focus on.


Other aspects to keep in mind

You can lose out on rebates in each VIP period if you are not compliant within a Subtrack or your partner status; However, due to Cisco not enforcing Get Well Plans from March 16th 2020, this will only apply to the dates before this for VIP 35.

  • Although Cisco has eased the requirements of the partner program, our advice is to keep on top of your status to avoid being faced with non-compliance in September. Cisco currently shows all their partners as compliant making it harder for you to see whether you have requirements that need actions. V6 Fusion identifies gaps within your role holders and will flag these for you, allowing you to ensure you remain compliant.
  • Over the past few VIP periods, we have seen a reduction in rebates on hardware and increases on annuity products. There has also been a recurring drop in the amount of SKUs over the past few months. Therefore, if you have any deals that include a large amount of Architecture SKU products, it will be worth trying to close them before the end of the VIP period.


How we can help you maximize your VIP 35 rebates

V6 Fusion gives Cisco Partners full visibility of their VIP rebate and Partner Program Compliance status. It will prepare you for each VIP period, help you maximize your rebates and keep you in control of your Partner Program.

Our V6 Fusion clients can sign up for our complimentary monitoring service until September 2020. This service will assist you with all the above elements, such as which of your rebates are at risk, ineligible bookings that you may be able to challenge, as well as compliance requirements, including expiring certifications or missing role holders.

If you would like the support of our Cisco Partner Program Experts, contact us to discuss V6 Fusion or our Monitoring Service.