Why Customer Success?

“The rise of subscription-based products and services has lowered the barrier to entry, and greatly increased the potential capability of the solutions. However, the lowered barrier to entry also makes it easy for customers to switch to a different solution if a product or service fails to deliver the expected value or outcome to the business.

It is therefore increasingly crucial for providers of subscription-based products and services to be able to offer their customers an advocate who can take responsibility to ensure that the adoption, deployment, and ongoing use of a product or service delivers the agreed-upon business outcome and helps customers achieve the value and utility they expect [Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew]. Be it assistance with implementation, response to feedback, product or service roadmap alignment, handling escalation of support calls, or guaranteeing that the proper set of features or functions are purchased and employed, the customer service manager, or CuSM, is there to facilitate and drive customer satisfaction or by increasing customer adoption, and, in this way, is a valuable revenue creator.”

 Ed Daly, Cisco’s Senior Director, Global Customer Success Adopt & Expand

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Customer Success Strategy Workshop

For Technology Resellers and Managed Service providers, the move to Cloud and subscription services makes their relationships with customers even more critical. Customer engagement evolves from a Design > Build > operate approach to include Advisory services and continuous workload optimisation.

This is making Customer lifecycle management even more important, in a subscription world where the customer is free to cancel at any time. Understanding the customer, designing the appropriate solution for them and then ensuring the expected results are delivered to meet targeted business outcomes is vital to building strong customer relationships.

Through a process of reviewing business objectives in parallel with conducting interviews with your team, we will help you align your business with industry best practices. This will be supported by a comprehensive gap-analysis report with a road map to accelerate business capabilities to deliver effective customer value in the cloud.

This Workshop will evaluate the current approach taken to managing the customer throughout this new lifecycle and compare it to industry best practices – across:

  • Business Culture
  • Effective and comprehensive Service design, delivery and support
  • Monitoring of metrics across the entire customer lifecycle

Customer Success Certification

We have collaborated with Cisco to create a training program to help your organization achieve Customer Success. The training forms two parts:

Foundation Prerequisite Course – This e-learning provides the theory behind the role of a Digital Transformation Customer Success Manager (CuSM). It is an essential prerequisite to anyone new to this role or activity. It introduces processes, skills, tools, in fact everything that’s involved in the role of a CuSM. It also contains 8 videos of Cisco CuSMs describing aspects of their role and introduces the Cisco Adoption VALUE Framework™. The course introduces case studies which are then carried forward into the Specialist course. Anyone considering the exam is strongly advised to complete this e-learning to gain the necessary theory.

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Specialist Course – This is a 3-day instructor led course and focuses on a deep dive into the individual components of the Cisco Adoption VALUE Framework™. It really gets under the skin of how to apply it in the real world and has practical case-study based exercises to get the students performing the role of a CuSM. This course is not a prerequisite for the Digital Transformation Cisco Customer Success Manager certification, but it is highly recommended. There is no formal assessment within the content, but mastery of the concepts is tested via challenges at the end of each module. Key concepts of insertion, adoption, expansion, and friction-free renewals are covered, particularly as they relate to service or subscription-based product sales and deployments.

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