Multi-Vendor Partner Program Compliance

Fusion Software as a Service automates the management of your company’s compliance with multiple vendor Partner Programs, in one place. With Fusion SaaS, you can track your partner program status at a glance on easy to use graphical dashboards, making it easy to identify your current status and where you have issues either currently or upcoming that could cause you to be out of compliance.

Automate Your Partner Program Management

Fusion For Partner Program Compliance

Where you have issues, Fusion will always give you the solution and the associated cost. It also has a powerful planning capability that enables you to quickly identify what you need to do to take on more technologies/specialisations. Managing your vendor compliance programs just got simple including:

1. Manage all vendors in one place with instant visibility.
2. Enhance decision-making through dashboards, management reporting, and analytics.
3. Budget planning.
4. Reduce costs, save time and maximize profitability.
5. Free up resources.
6. Reduce Risk.

Fusion will help you:

1. Monitor employee certifications avoid expired certifications for role/specialisation holders and all of your certified individuals.
2. Understand the rules of Partner Programs together with any changes and how they affect your organisation’s compliance.
3. Plan new specialisations and competencies and maintain existing ones quickly and easily.
4. See reminders, pricing and analyze your data easily from the dashboard.
5. To nominate the most qualified resource for each specialisation and competency taking into account the rules of Partner Programs.
6. Understand the training and exams required along with the cost.
7. Avoid costly get well programs.


1. Reduces the risk of losing financial rewards offered by Partner Programs.
2. Save management time and money by automating the process of compliance and planning.
3. Allows real-time planning and proactive management of your vendor relationships facilitating informed decision-making.
4. Provides you with the data to support your business plan.
5. Facilitates the modeling of different scenarios allowing you to evaluate ROI.
6. Helps ensure you have the correct skills to enable you to win and deliver projects to the highest standard.
7. Gives you easy access to all the data and reports you need in one place at any time.