V6 Fusion Managed Service For Vendor Partner Programs

Managing compliance with vendor partner programs is challenging. V6 Fusion automates the process with all the information you need in one place supported by comprehensive reporting and analytics. V6 Fusion Managed Service provides continuous monitoring of compliance status by partner program experts with deep knowledge and insight of vendor partner programs.

It is important to continually monitor your vendor partner program compliance to neutralise risk of falling out of compliance.

To give you an alternative we offer a managed service where we will assume many of the responsibilities of managing compliance. Having someone responsible for the partner programs is still required although all of your information is held in V6 Fusion. The benefits are clear:

  • Your status will be constantly monitored by partner program experts.
  • The V6 Fusion Managed Service undertakes the necessary actions to remove risk.
  • Ensures business continuity due to the elimination of employee independence.
  • Your financial risk resulting from falling out of compliance will be greatly reduced.
  • You will receive access to V6 Fusion and the expertise behind it for less than it would cost to employ a full-time person to do the task.
  • Allows you to focus on your core competencies.

What Do You Receive

Our comprehensive advice and reporting covers:

  • Priority actions
  • Best fit role holders
  • Backup planning
  • Planning for new specialisations and/or partner levels
  • Education plan, recommendation, and advice on optimising your spend
  • Continuous Learning status against targets
  • Exams to be passed and by whom
  • Budgeting requirements
  • Architecture/specialisation renewal dates and required action
  • Impact of changes to the partner program on your status
  • Monitoring employment status of role holders
  • Upload Fusion role changes to vendor
  • Interface built to HR system (optional – has additional one-off cost)