Fusion Managed Service For Vendor Partner Programs

Managing compliance with vendor partner programs is challenging. Fusion automates the process with all the information you need in one place supported by comprehensive reporting and analytics and with the Fusion Managed Service we will take on many responsibilities leaving you to reap the rewards of your vendor partner programs.


Use Us To Manage Your Vendor Partner Program

Vendor Compliance Managed Service

It’s important that your status is monitored and action is taken where there are issues that could cause you to fall out of compliance. Many partners have their own experts who know the programs but in some cases, the responsibility for maintaining compliance can be a person’s second job or you could unexpectantly lose your expert altogether.

To give you an alternative we offer a managed service where we will take over many of the responsibilities of managing compliance. Having someone responsible for the partner programs is still required although all of your information is held in Fusion. We have an in-depth knowledge and expertise of the vendors’ partner programs and by outsourcing much of the responsibility to us you’ll receive gain many benefits:

  • Your status will be constantly monitored by experts in the programs.
  • You will receive guidance on your status and what actions you need to take to rectify issues.
  • We will follow up with you to make sure you take all the actions necessary.
  • There will no longer be any business continuity issues should people leave your organisation.
  • Your financial risk resulting from falling out of compliance will be greatly reduced.
  • You will receive access to Fusion and the expertise behind it for less than it would cost to employ a full-time person to do the task.

What Do You Receive

Our comprehensive advice and reporting covers:

  • Priority actions
  • Best fit role holders
  • Backup planning
  • Planning for new specialisations and/or partner levels
  • Education plan, recommendation, and advice on optimising your spend
  • Continuous Learning status against targets
  • Exams to be passed and by whom
  • Budgeting requirements
  • Architecture/specialisation renewal dates and required action
  • Impact of changes to the partner program on your status
  • Monitoring employment status of role holders
  • Upload Fusion role changes to vendor
  • Interface built to HR system (optional – has additional one-off cost)

Why Choose A Managed Service For Your Partner Program

  • You get access to expertise without employment costs – save money.
  • Focus on your core business – don’t get distracted.
  • We will ensure you have business continuity – no longer affected by loss of expertise on how to run the program.
  • Access to Fusion and the comprehensive reports will ensure you know exactly where you are and what you need to do without having to do the analysis.
  • You will be able to plan for growth as many times as you like and in seconds, not hours.
  • If you implement our recommendations you won’t fall out of compliance, protecting discounts and rebates.
  • You will avoid being put on a Get Well Program”, an expensive, time consuming and a distracting exercise.
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