Partner Program Planning

Fusion SaaS (Software as a Service) provides Partner Program Planning as a means to stay ahead of your competition. This enables you to evaluate how to move to higher partner levels and add new specialisations to improve your competitive position and drive profit. You’ll want to know the cost and quickest path to achieve your new level. This can be time-consuming and difficult to calculate.

Plan and Control Budgets and Training Now!


All the rules of all the vendor partner programs, all certifications, training, and costs built into Fusion. A powerful planner that allows you to model different scenarios in seconds.

The ability to select any partner level or specialization and Fusion will:

  • Create a plan that shows you your status against those requirements.
  • Identify the individuals with the relevant certifications.
  • Show you the gaps and what you need to do to fill them.
  • Provide you with the costs of the associated training and exams to give you an estimated budget requirement.
  • Allow you to create as many plans around different scenarios as you need.
  • Give you a full set of reports for each plan.

In less than one minute you can define the requirement, run the planner and send management reports to other executives in your organisation, a task that could otherwise take hours or days.


Fusion gives you everything you need securely and in one place. It will allow you to:

  • Run and export all reports quickly and easily.
  • View your data in customized groups.
  • Monitor usage of the system.
  • Receive updates to the partner programs removing the need to monitor them yourselves.
  • Control what access rights individual users have to the system.