Partner Program Planning

V6 Fusion provides powerful planning capability with comprehensive analytics and reporting to support informed decision-making. Enabling you to evaluate moving to higher partner levels and adding new specialisations resulting in a more competitive and profitable business.  

V6 Fusion for partner level evaluation and planning

V6 Fusion is a powerful planner that allows you to model different scenarios in seconds.

With the ability to select any partner level or specialization and V6 Fusion will:

  • Create a plan that shows you your status against those requirements.
  • Identify the individuals with the relevant certifications.
  • Show you the gaps and what you need to do to fill them.
  • Provide you with the costs of the associated training and exams to give you an estimated budget requirement.
  • Allow you to create as many plans around different scenarios as you need.
  • Provide a full set of reports for each plan in minutes.

A single portal for complete control and total visibility

V6 Fusion planning capability will:

  • Run and export all reports quickly and easily.
  • View your data in customized groups.
  • Monitor usage of the system.
  • Receive updates to the partner programs removing the need to monitor them yourselves.
  • Control what access rights individual users have to the system.