Stay on top of the details — automatically.

As customers move to “pay as you grow” subscription models, it is much easier for them to quickly pivot and change providers. Partners who lose sight of customer lifecycles, put themselves at risk of losing business. V6 Fusion and our Vortex 6 services, keeps you plugged into customer lifecycles; data insights, and best practices to enhance the value you deliver to your customers. Our goal is to enable you to design and execute a successful customer experience practice unique to your business.

Outcomes for CX-focused partners.

  • Increase customer value and utilization
  • Increase renewal rates
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduced risk
  • Annuity growth

Customers have lifecycle stages. So does your business.

Know your business lifecycle stage to advance profitable growth.

In order to develop a successful, customer lifecycle-focused practice, you need to assess and identify the stage your business is in, as a lifecycle partner. Vortex 6 provides expert advisory services to enable you to create a strategy based on the foundational principles of; Plan, Build, Scale and Monetize that operationalize a true lifecycle practice.


Potential partners in the plan stage are exploring the challenges and opportunities of a Customer Experience (CX) practice. If you’re here, you may not have made investments or have staffed for customer centric delivery. Vortex 6 can help you identify the right team member talent, train your teams, and learn what it takes to create and implement a validated CX practice.


Partners in this second stage have allocated resources to drive adoption, but may not have built out all of the infrastructure components. Vortex 6 can help you develop a cross-functional aligned CX practice. We’ll show you how to standardize adoption so that your customers experience is consistent to drive positive outcomes.


If you’ve built a CX practice, it’s time to scale up efficiently. Vortex 6 can work with you to leverage vendor and industry leading strategies and tools to enhance customer onboarding and adoption practices that generate growth, and streamline annuity based solutions.


Once you’ve learned to scale and successfully drive adoption your practice may qualify for incentives from vendors. Vortex 6 can work with you to maximize your profitability.