Lifecycle Readiness Workshops to build a Customer Experience practice.

Our workshops are designed for organizations that are serious about building a CX practice to drive growth and long-term customer relationships. Partners who complete our workshop earn a Customer Experience Manager Certification

Customer Experience Strategy Workshop

The move to Cloud and subscription services makes value-based relationships with customers even more critical for Technology Resellers and Managed Service providers. In this space, customer engagement evolves from a Plan > Build > Manage approach.

Customer lifecycle management is critical in a subscription-based annuitized world where the customer is free to cancel at any time. Understanding the customer, designing the appropriate solution for them, and then ensuring the expected results are delivered/exceeded, to meet targeted business outcomes is vital to building strong customer relationships.

To enable your success, our partner advisor experts will: Evaluate your current approach to CX at each stage in the new lifecycle model, comparing it to industry best practices - across:
  • Business culture
  • Effective and comprehensive service design, delivery and support
  • Monitoring of metrics across the entire customer lifecycle
They will:
  • Review your business objectives and conduct interviews with your team to align your business with industry best practices.
  • A comprehensive gap-analyst report with a road map to accelerate your business's ability to deliver beneficial customer experience.
  • Will monitor metrics across the entire customer lifecycle
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