Our solutions give you access to industry best practices that, when followed, ensure you never fall out of compliance with vendor partner programs.

By using our services and deep expertise you will improve the profitability of your vendor relationships.

Reduce risk, increase revenue and reduce costs.

  • Eliminate manual, time consuming management of partner and rebate programs enabling you to focus on driving your business.
  • Leverage best practices to increase your profitability.
  • Gain a competitive edge. Simplified planning shifts your focus from reactive to proactive.

Gain instant insight and control.

  • We’ll get you up and running in as little as 24 hours with virtually no disruption to your business.
  • Get immediate visibility of all aspects of the vendors' programs that affect your business
  • Leverage automation, centralized access to your vendor program data, greater financial insight and control ensuring you make informed decisions.

Optimizing your Cisco VIP rebates

Maximize your Cisco rebates.

As a partner, your profitability depends on taking advantage of vendor incentive programs.
By using V6 Fusion, we help to ensure you are competitive and can grow your profitability. V6 Fusion automates the management of VIP, so you can be certain you are maximizing the opportunity.

  • See the true profitability of each deal including discounts, rebates and incentives.

Lifecycle Advisor VIP Module

  • The V6 Fusion VIP Module turns the time-consuming complexity of tracking annuity rebates into a 30 second activity that grows your rebates exponentially.
  • Make informed decisions to optimize your income from annuity-based incentives.
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