Managing Certifications: The Challenge

Most IT partners hold accreditations with between 20 and 40 IT vendors and industry associations, and there are time-consuming challenges to managing and verifying all the data held, for example;

  • Creating a consolidated view of all certifications for each vendor
  • Tracking certifications as they relate to compliance rules
  • Efficiently manage changes to the employee base
  • Track changes to certification and accreditation programs
  • Comply with appropriate data privacy laws and requirements
  • Efficiently and effectively manage, support and develop vital talent resources
  • Optimize training budgets and effectively plan for certification compliance and developmental investments
  • Have a holistic view of all your organizations technical and service-related capabilities

What is V6 ProFusion?

ProFusion provides a comprehensive, single source of certification data across multiple vendors and industry associations while supporting relevant in region data protection requirements. It provides the facility for employees to see and add to the certifications that are known by the company.

ProFusion enables you to:

Manage, maintain and report on all certifications within one cloud-based software platform

Link to in-company HR platforms for consistency in employee records

Allow employees to input all their certifications, even if not sponsored by their employer, and upload the appropriate proof documentation

V6 ProFusion manages certifications for 450 vendors and is growing. A sample of vendors includes:

V6 ProFusion: The Benefits

  • Gives you full visibility of all your employee certifications through an Executive Dashboard and comprehensive reporting tool
  • Removes the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets and manually maintain records
  • Provides transparency of the data you hold on employees and enables employee access
  • Empowers your employees to give you the information you need to understand all of the certifications you hold
  • An invaluable tool to compare certification data from different sources and cross-check