Sales Transformation

Many vendors are focusing on ‘lifecycle practices’ and aligning their partner programs to reward resellers who adopt a similar model. Partners have to transition. Not only in the way they manage their customers to enable long successful relationships but they also need to restructure their business models in order to manage the annuity based revenue.

To support this shift Vortex 6 provide business transformation courses tailored to meet specific client objectives.

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Business Transformation

We are a Cisco development partner and leading experts in business transformation training. We are the authors of Cisco’s Customer Success courses and have expertise in helping organisations develop their customer success practices. Through our specialist training, we are experts in innovation project management and can guide you through the move to digitisation.

Annuity Selling Portfolio

In the changing marketplace of subscription and consumption-based pricing, we have introduced courses for those that are adopting an Annuity Selling Software strategy. These courses are either a 1-day (or 2 x half-day virtual) sessions and will provide you with the skills on how to actually generate opportunities around annuity business. It will enable partners’ Account Managers with the skills to sell annuity software to the business stakeholders within their accounts.

Cisco has forecast that by the year 2020 over 40% of their annual sales will be reoccurring. This prediction comes from Cisco’s shift from hardware to software. For Cisco’s partners to succeed in this transition, they need to concentrate on two equally important aspects of their business (Sales & Customer Success). Each of these areas need to evolve at the same time to achieve sustainable success.

Recent reports indicate that business stakeholders are increasingly involved in the technical decision of their companies. It is worth noting that these decision makers are not necessarily making technical decisions but are seeking capabilities that enable them to keep pace with market trends and demands. Because business agility has become a critical component of these decisions, a growing number are acquiring capabilities through subscription-based software licenses.

Target Audience: Account Managers, Intermediate to Seasoned.

Selling Annuity Software to Business Stakeholders SASBI Course – This 1-day account-based workshop is designed to enable partners’ Account Managers (AMs) with the skills to sell Cisco’s annuity software to the business stakeholders within their accounts.

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Selling Annuity Software to Business Stakeholders SASVI Course –This is the same course content as the SASBI course, however, it is delivered virtually and over 2 sessions of 3.5hours each, generally on consecutive days.

Objectives – At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • better understand the correct context for selling software and how it aligns with outcomes based selling
  • be able to identify where their customers are currently investing resources (initiatives) and how Cisco’s software will better enable them to achieve their desired outcomes over time
  • know how to gain access to business stakeholders by creating messaging that aligns with their priorities and desired outcomes
  • know how to create demand for Cisco’s software by engaging in a business outcomes conversation with business stakeholders

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Laying the Foundation for Customer Success in the Sales Process – 1 day classroom or 2 x virtual half-days. Although Customer Success Management is most often viewed as a post-sales activity, Customer Success actually begins in the sales process. Just like the runners in a relay race, the race cannot be won without all the runners contributing to the same successful outcome.

Sales is the first leg of the race, and it is during this stage that we need to gain “strategic awareness” of where the customer is headed and where and how Cisco’s solutions will enable them to consistently achieve their measurable desired outcomes.

By equipping Account Managers (AMs) with the skills to engage with business stakeholders, they are better able to position Cisco’s solutions as critical components of their strategic roadmap. It will also enable them to translate their customers’ current and future needs into measurable business outcomes that later become the scorecard for customer success.

Customers will often not buy or implement new solutions because they do not fully understand where and how our solutions will fit into their existing processes and/or how their business processes will be changed or replaced. It is also during the sales process that we need to mitigate the perceived “risk of change” as a key competitive differentiator.
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Cisco Business Architecture Analyst – DTBAA

The Cisco Business Architecture Analyst is a certification program that prepares IT and line-of-business professionals to build and strengthen the bridge between technology solutions and critical business needs. As the digital transformation of business accelerates, the discipline of Business Architecture becomes an important enabler and much-needed skill set of the IT professional. This certification is the first step in preparing candidates to serve as trusted advisors who can engage customers and lead them through their digital transformation.

This job role based certification will help candidates to:

  • Understand the concepts of the four pillars of Business Architecture
  • Identify the roles of the transformative team, and how they work to a solution
  • Define and understand the business, priority, requirements, and capability
  • Familiarity with the concept of Enterprise Architecture, and the use of frameworks in context

Exams: Required Exam(s) 810-440 DTBAA


Cisco Business Architecture Specialist – DTBAS

The Cisco Business Architecture Specialist is a certification program that picks up from the Business Architecture Analyst certification to continue your journey to becoming a full-fledged Business Architect. Beyond reinforcing foundational knowledge, this program builds the explicit skills and tools to model the business, empower stakeholders, and achieve the desired outcomes to further the digital transformation of the customer. Practice building rapport and credibility, fostering entrepreneurship, and implementing consultative approaches that help develop critical skills. This certification continues the candidate’s journey toward Business Architect.

This job role based certification will help candidates to:

  • Adopt a consultative and need-driven approach
  • Understand and employ the Cisco Business Architecture Methodology
  • Define and determine the maturity level for the business
  • Build a business model that accurately describes a business
  • Identify internal and external business drivers


Valid Cisco Business Architecture Analyst certification

Exam(s): 820-445 DTBAS


Cisco Business Architecture Practitioner – DTBAD

The Cisco Business Architecture Practitioner is a certification program that builds and extends the skills inherent in the Cisco Business Architect. Those who achieve this level of expertise will be able to fully lead a business engagement, developing a comprehensive roadmap, managing engagement artifacts, and effortlessly participating at all levels within an organization to build rapport and credibility. Business Architecture Practitioners will demonstrate mastery of the tools and techniques that are essential to successful transformative business engagements. This certification is the ultimate destination of the Cisco Business Architect.

This job role based certification will help candidates to:

  • Identify, define, and fulfill strategies to transform businesses
  • Provide full architectures, solutions, and deliver on the vision and outcomes that are promised
  • Create, refine, and document business cases, roadmaps, and other plan artifacts that deliver on the desired outcomes
  • Build and lead a team to both develop and deliver on the promise of digital transformation of business outcomes


Valid Cisco Business Architecture Specialist certification

Exam(s): 840-450 DTBAD