Cisco Training

We are a Cisco Business Learning Partner and we deliver Cisco’s full suite of business and technical training. We provide the full portfolio of Cisco training services to suit you and your organisation including certification, advanced technology and business transformation courses.

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Tailored Events

A large proportion of our business is delivering client-specific events or tailoring courses to meet specific client objectives. We can deliver classes at your premises, at any of our worldwide training centres or remotely through distance learning.

This style of delivery has many benefits:

  1. Deliver at the best time for your business.
  2. At a location of your choosing or remotely.
  3. Reduce your costs.
  4. The exact content you require, minimising the time spent training and being away from your job.

Business Transformation

We are a Cisco development partner and leading experts in business transformation training. We are the authors of Cisco’s Customer Success courses and have expertise is helping organisations develop their customer success practices.

Through our specialist training, we are experts in innovation project management and can guide you through the move to digitisation.

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Cisco Training Programme

Cisco Training