We are pleased to announce a new automated report designed for our smaller partners – V6 Fusion Lite.
This new offering has been developed specifically for SMB partners who have up to 12 Certified Cisco employees.

Ensure compliance
V6 Fusion Lite gives partners access to an automated monthly report covering all the key information, actions and recommendations you will need to ensure you remain compliant and up to date on your VIP status with the Cisco partner program.
These automated reports will help you optimize the benefits of your relationship with Cisco and other partners.

Utilizing the report
You can quickly determine whether you are compliant and gain instant visibility on your VIP position.
You will get a handle on eligible and ineligible booking status.
You will be alerted to any actions required to ensure you remain compliant and up-to-date on VIP. Falling out of compliance can result in loss of revenue and profit and a loss of opportunity and can have a serious impact on your competitiveness.

Understanding your VIP status

Our reports help SMBs to understand their Cisco VIP status. VIP is an incentive program designed to help Cisco partners optimize their relationship with Cisco.
The program provides rewards to partners that achieve program objectives during a 6-month period.
The automated reports provide a comprehensive overview of your VIP status enabling you to maximize profitability and rebates by showing:

  • Rebates earned to date by architecture, helping you to forecast expected outcomes
  • Rebates at risk with recommended actions to mitigate or eliminate this risk

  • Where rebate is potentially being lost owing to incorrect ineligible bookings
  • Where there is rebate growth potential in your deal pipeline

Now is the time to make your internal resources more productive

V6 Fusion Lite enables partners to better utilize internal resources who now have all the data they need in one place. This gives you the opportunity to streamline and manage your relationship more efficiently with vendors like Cisco.

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