What will be included in our Complimentary Monitoring Service

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Cisco Partner and VIP program complimentary Monitoring Service available until September 30th, 2020


The service includes:

Cisco Partner Program Compliance

  1. A Role-Holder report for the next 180 days. It will flag any upcoming issues and the actions you need to take, e.g. expiring certifications or program change that will affect your partner status.
  2. A monthly check to ensure nothing significant has changed in your program status that requires action.

VIP Rebate optimization – a monthly summary of

  1. Rebate accrued to date
  2. Any rebate at risk and what actions you need to take
  3. Minimum bookings shortfall
  4. Ineligible bookings that you may be able to challenge
  5. Upcoming license renewals and the value of the incentives available

In addition, we will support and guide you on analyzing BOMs over an agreed value

Ts & Cs:

This is a monitoring service for V6 Fusion clients only. We will use our best endeavors to ensure that you are given the correct advice, however, we take no responsibility for your partner’s program status or rebate income. Customer Success calls will take place every two months as a minimum and it will be essential that clients using the monitoring service are available for them.



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