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At Vortex 6 our focus is on providing access to our unrivalled  experience through a flexible, innovative and creative approach to developing your capabilities. From Cisco training to Cisco certification, our award winning Cisco Certification tracking system – Fusion, and our consulting services we are uniquely placed to provide you with the most effective and efficient solution to growing your skills and delivery competencies.

Whether you are looking to develop your technical skills in the architectures, increase your sales teams business acceleration effectiveness, improve your management of your Cisco relationship or get access to our significant pool of engineers to supplement your own we can help you like no other company.  We are a Cisco Learning Specialised Partner and the first UK Cisco Business Accelerate Learning Partner.

Our service area include public schedule and tailored on site courses as well as a range of on the job training options to ensure that you have the competencies to meet your company and personal objectives.

Our focus is on making the complex simple and we look forward to working with you to develop your capabilities