V6 Fusion

Partner Program Compliance

Optimising Partner Profitability - Take control and get the most out of your partnership with Microsoft, Cisco, HP, VMware, Oracle and Juniper. Automate compliance for all vendors and maximise Cisco rebates all in one place. Discover more with the links below...

V6 Fusion

Capability Development

We offer the full range of Cisco certification and technology training. For further details follow the links below...

Breaking News! - Digital Transformation Customer Success Manager Specialist Training

As the developer of Cisco's new Customer Success Manager Specialist certification 820-602 DTCSM we are offering a unique opportunity for partners and customers to attend this new training at a special introductory rate.  To see more information and download a schedule and course overview please click here.


Vortex 6 Services

Vortex 6 specialises in business enablement services in the networking and IT industry. We deliver award winning compliance and rebate management software, advanced technology and strategic sales development training and consultancy, all services designed to drive your capabilities and profitability.

We have strategic partnerships with Cisco, Juniper, their partners and customers in all theatres. Our focus is to Make Complex Simple. In a complex and ever changing world we can show you how to drive your business to make it more competitive and profitable