Loss of key personnel and expertise in vendor programs makes you vulnerable if you don’t have business continuity plans in place.

You should never risk your business falling out of compliance or failing to maximize Cisco rebates.

Outsourcing the management of vendor programs removes these risks and can offer significantly reduced costs

The Managed V6 Fusion Experience

  • Falling out of compliance can cost you your competitive edge or worse. The V6 Managed Service insures you from this risk.
  • Benefit from our depth of expertise while reducing expense.
  • Proactive and expert monitoring of your compliance status by partner program specialists. We’ll make sure you know all the actions you need to take removing any risk to your company’s status.

Experience efficiency now.

  • Gain insights from industry experts to ensure you make informed business decisions.
  • Focus on initiatives that propel your company forward.
  • Eliminate manual and time consuming management of partner and rebate programs.