With 23 years of experience working closely with channel partners of major IT vendors, Peter Olive, Founder and CEO of Vortex 6 understands that vendor relationships can be complicated but when managed efficiently will help channel partner businesses to be profitable and successful.

Vortex 6 was launched in 2009 aimed at delivering services to the channel partners of major IT vendors. The Vortex 6 team quickly identified that partners were having challenges managing their compliance with vendor partner programs and in optimizing rebates. As a result V6 Fusion was developed, a software service that fully automates the process and gives partners total control and visibility of their partner status across multiple vendors.

We work with many partners, large and small, to increase their profit through implementing efficiencies and driving improved income.

Our goal is to simplify vendor engagement, improve efficiency, remove risk and increase income all leading to improved profitability.

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