1. Reap the Rewards Cisco's Lifecycle Incentive Program can give you

Cisco’s Lifecycle Incentives Program is designed to encourage partners to drive software activation and adoption.

It recognizes your investments in Lifecycle selling and rewards you for ensuring your customers realize the full value of the software they have invested in.

Lifecycle Incentives is a quarterly program and delivers fast-earned rebates and a quick Return on Investment.

What are Lifecycle Incentives? – Click here to watch our video or read our blog on Lifecycle Incentives here.

2. Grow your Customer Success returns through Lifecycle Incentives

Working with our partners, our services provide guidance on the top three most important aspects:

  1. Provide visibility on Eligible Opportunities
  2. Advising on strategy to secure the incentives
  3. Sharing best practice to optimize your Cisco Customer Success Practise

3. V6 Fusion Lifecycle Incentives Advisory Service

V6 Lifecycle Incentives is an advisory-led reporting service that:

  • Provides a clear detailed insight on how to maximize your LCI rebate
  • Highlights Incentives at risk and provide clear actions to secure them
  • Eliminates the costly time required to interpret complex data, boosting your profitability
  • Removes the necessity for your people to learn extensive program rules by providing expertise to guide you through the program
  • Allows management to focus more on strategic initiatives, and less on administration
  • Provides all necessary status indicators, opportunities, deadlines and critical actions
  • Makes sure that you optimize the benefits and rebate opportunities available

We simply make doing business with Cisco more profitable!

4. FAQs Around Lifecycle Incentives

If you are keen to understand more about Lifecycle Incentives and you are looking for answers to any of the frequently asked questions below:

Click here  to watch our video or read our blog on Lifecycle Incentives here and we’ll walk you through your most pressing questions, such as:

  1. What is the difference between the Value Incentive Program (VIP) and the Lifecycle Incentive Program?
  2. What are the rewards within Lifecycle Incentives?
  3. How should I manage my Lifecycle Incentive Programs?
  4. How do we ensure partners maximize Lifecycle Incentives?
  5. What is the risk of not having our solution? What benefits could you be leaving on the table?
  6. Is the bang worth the buck? Can we guarantee ROI?