V6 Fusion Cisco VIP

V6 Fusion is a planning and management software solution that includes a module that automates the program management of the Cisco Value Incentive Program (VIP). The Cisco Partner Program is designed to ensure you are qualified to sell and support Cisco’s solutions and to drive your profitability. However, managing it can be time-consuming, complex and challenging. If not managed effectively both your partner status and your profitability can be affected.

“I love the solutions you provide and can’t think of any reason why a partner shouldn’t utilize them.”

Renee Hershman – Manager, Partner Sales Operations, Cisco Systems US


With the integration of the Cisco VIP module, V6 Fusion supports Cisco Partners with 3 business critical elements that drive partner profitability:

  • Maximises rebates and optimises profitability under the Cisco Value Incentive Program (VIP).
  • Maintains and protects compliance status and reduces risk and impact of becoming noncompliant.
  • Reduces the cost of administering the programs.

V6 Fusion Cisco VIP is an easy to use, web-based, automated planning and management software service that will help you optimise your VIP rebates.

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V6 Fusion Cisco VIP Program Module provides the tools necessary to identify additional Cisco rebate opportunities and is an efficient and cost effective method to identify the SKU change in each new VIP program. This allows for immediate action and margin protection. The VIP rebate management software analyses program changes and the impact to ensure the right solutions are sold to maximise rebates.


The V6 Fusion graphical executive dashboard shows your current status on Compliance and Cisco VIP which includes every aspect of your compliance and VIP status in the Cisco Partner Program in one place simplifying what can be a complex process and providing information on actions, deadlines, costs and profit opportunities to maximize your rebates.

The VIP module can be provided as a Managed Service where Vortex 6 provide independent experts to monitor, advise and guide on:

  • Position on minimum bookings targets and how it affects your eligibility for VIP rebate.
  • Bookings that have not been shipped.
  • Reviews of ineligible bookings and suggestions on how to challenge and win more rebate.
  • Up to date information on your customer satisfaction targets.
  • Partner program compliance, where you need to pay attention and what actions you should take.
  • Ensuring your VIP payments you are entitled to have been claimed.
  • Forthcoming expiry of certifications within time frames set by you.
  • Help in tracking against plan and budget.
  • A regular series of comprehensive reports on all relevant data shared at Senior Executive level.
  • Regular checks with your VIP Manager on issues and opportunities affecting VIP and compliance.