Telefonica 02 implemented V6 Fusion to achieve and maintain Cisco Gold partner status

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I would certainly recommend V6 Fusion. The product provides us with a complete view of our employees Cisco certification data across the entire company, it has the functionalities and reporting capabilities we need to meet the requirements of the Cisco Gold Partner Program and it's great to have all the information available in just one single place.

Francesco Manni, Professional Services Manager, Telefónica O2

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The Challenge

Telefónica O2 had a strategy to move from Premier to Gold level in the Cisco Partner Program. Their biggest challenge was understanding the program rules, their capabilities, and gaps in those rules and the most efficient path to compliance.

They then had to track their progress against their plan– a daunting prospect when using manual spreadsheets. They didn’t have a single place to get all the information they needed so were spending significant amounts of time interpreting information and having to repeat the process as their spreadsheets would become out of date as soon as there was a change.

Bringing those data sets together using manual process increases the risk of error and requires human time and effort.

The Solution

Telefónica O2 implemented V6 Fusion to help manage their Cisco partner program. By employing the expert support from Vortex 6 and using V6 Fusion, O2 was able to reach their Gold partner status. The implementation of V6 Fusion was quick and straightforward. O2 expect V6 Fusion to be a business-critical tool in maintaining and growing their Cisco capabilities from a compliance perspective.

The Benefits

V6 Fusion provides a single view of all rules of the Cisco partner program and Telefónica O2 employee certification data and it is always up to date.

Using V6 Fusion, Telefónica O2 built a plan to achieve Gold certification level. This comprehensive plan included everything that was needed, including:

  • Minimum Specialisations/Competencies required
  • Job Roles and Certifications
  • Role sharing rules and unique individual requirements
  • Exams, training courses and costs It then maps their current certifications against the requirements, shows their gaps, what they need to do and the cost. All displayed on executive graphical dashboards with comprehensive reporting and analytics.
O2 achieved the following benefits:
  • V6 Fusion provided a unique planning capability that allowed O2 to build a plan for Gold certification level in seconds, a significant time reduction overbuilding and monitoring plans manually
  • It gave them instant visibility of all compliance issues and what they needed to do to resolve them.
  • V6 Fusion proved valuable in demonstrating Gold level achievements in the final audit
  • A simple onboarding process and an intuitive software